Staying Motivated

Posted by Susannah Gardner on 01/27 at 01:08 PM • Blogging Tips

One of the tough things—well, for me, anyway—about blogging is keeping your forward momentum going. That is, posting often and regularly. It was easy early this week to post, as I sat in a blogging conference surrounded by the sound of typing as other bloggers posted to their blogs. Today, back at my desk, surrounded by other work and closer to distractions like the TV and books, is another story.

I thought it might be worthwhile to post something here about how to keep yourself posting, even when analog life interferes:

  • Set up goals and rewards. Decide how often you absolutely have to post, and then decide on a way to reward yourself once you’ve accomplished that over a certain period of time. (And don’t reward yourself with days off from posting!)
  • Ask your readers for feedback on what they want to hear about.
  • Blog about not feeling motivated to blog. Ok, this is a little self-serving, but working through the issue is a valid way to get some resolution.
  • Stockpile posts. Write evergreen posts—posts that will stay current for some time—and save them for days when you’re low on time or energy to post.
  • Set up set times to blog and then stick with your schedule. If you have time reserved in your calendar each day for blogging, chances are you’ll more easily be able to get your posting done. If you are trying to fit blogging in around everything else, it’ll be harder!
  • Ask a friend to help you out, or hire a guest blogger. If you simply can’t post for a while, get someone to substitute post for you. Ideally this person will know just what your readers are interested in and share that interest. Be clear up front on what you expect!

To keep myself going, I’ve started a bet with Tris Hussey. The two of us are holding a contest: two posts each week day and one on either weekend day. The first person to miss a post has to blog twice a day for a week on the other’s blog. The contest starts today, and after this post I’ve got one more to go!

UPDATE: Since posting I’ve read Amy Gahran’s Three Secrets to No-Pressure Blogging, and thought it was a good follow-up to this. Don’t miss it!