Mark Jen Weighs In

Blogger Mark Jen made waves in the blogosphere during the past couple weeks when some of his blog entries were first changed, and Jen himself fired by Google. Speculation was rampant that he had been fired because of the blog, even though it had been “edited.”

In a post today, Jen confirms that blogging was the cause of his firing, despite his willingness to edit or even close down the blog. Jen says of his blogging:

as scoble says, i should’ve waited a little longer and felt the company out a bit more before i started blogging at length. in retrospect, that is good advice and a lesson learned. i was just too excited. i felt like i was joining a small start-up family; i thought i was going to start new initiatives and improve existing ones; i thought i could jump in the deep end and immerse myself in the revolutionary development environment; i thought i could make connections to real people in the outside world and get first hand feedback; i thought google would love it. i thought wrong.

Good luck with the next job, Mark, and for sharing what you learned as an employee who blogs.

Posted by Susannah Gardner on 02/11 at 03:18 PM • Blogging News
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