A Word of Warning Among the Hoopla

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger takes a moment today to bring people excited about blogging’s potential back to earth:

My ProBlogger Public Service Announcement

It takes time to build a profitable blog. You do not just become a Professional Blogger anymore than you just become a Professional Golfer. It is not a decision you make, it is something you work towards over time.

It’s easy, among all the excitement and buzz around blogging, to forget that there are few proven business plans for making this work. Darren is among just a few who have turned their entrepreneurial efforts into successful (i.e. profitable) business ventures. He’s wise to say that this isn’t a guaranteed win for people, especially those that dive in without thinking things through, or who have unrealistic expectations.

I thinking blogging’s potential is huge, and mostly unrealized, but I’ll add my voice to Darren’s in saying that’s not for everyone, and definitely not a “get rich quick” strategy.

Posted by Susannah Gardner on 03/21 at 12:13 PM • Blogs and Business
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