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Blogging For Dummies III: Look for it in 2010! I did something pretty exciting this week: I signed a contract to write the third edition of “Blogging For Dummies!” “Blogging For Dummies, 2nd Edition” came out in January of 2008. Shane Birley was my co-author, and we had a lot of fun (there was also some stress) in working… Susannah Gardner 07/16/09 5 02/05/11
Back on Lab with Leo I’ll be critiquing Web sites again on The Lab with Leo this month, so you have a chance to submit your Web site for a quick review on television. It’s a chance to get a little free advice from me, and to get your Web site seen by all the… Susannah Gardner 01/15/08 3 12/17/10
Get Reviewed in the Web Workshop on Lab with Leo I've appeared on the G4 Tech TV show The Lab with Leo several times this summer and fall, and now I'm a fairly regular guest in the Web Workshop segment. It has really been fun to do the show, it's such a different energy than Hop Studios and it's fun… Susannah Gardner 12/05/07 0
Exciting stuff: Blogging for Dummies and SXSW panel Hi all, two exciting pieces of news have made me put the blog back in action today. First, I’m working on a new book: Blogging for Dummies, 2nd Edition. The first edition was written by Brad Hill, but the publisher—Wiley—wanted to revise the book this year and Brad wasn’t able… Susannah Gardner 08/23/07 7 07/31/08 Bechy, Herv Susannah Gardner 04/24/07 0
The Enterprise of Process: Notes on Planning for Public Art Susannah Gardner 04/24/07 0
National Endowment for the Arts Web Site National Endowment for the Arts Susannah Gardner 04/24/07 0
An Event and Awards to Make Note Of Chris Abraham of “Because the Medium is the Message” messaged me this week to let me know about the Blogger’s Choice Awards and Postiecon, two thing I thought you should also know about. The Blogger’s Choice Awards, Chris says, are “like a Webbys for blogs.” Nominate yourself or a blog… Susannah Gardner 04/12/07 1 04/13/07
So long, farewell, and thanks! Blogging is still hot, and I’m still hot on blogging, but I’m pretty much tapped out when it comes to blogging about blogging. From this point on, I may update this blog periodically, but—officially—I’m retiring it. Don’t get me wrong! My book, Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies, is still… Susannah Gardner 04/03/07 13 03/01/11
Spam, Advertising, Offensive Material Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Hacking Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Server Downtime Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Richard Serra and Permanence All this to say: There is not way to guarantee the permanence of Internet art without arrangements being made for ongoing review and development of the project, probably by those who originally created it. The very nature of the hardware and software that house Internet art is ephemeral, and anything… Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Reasons to Deaccession Art it is of clearly inferior quality;  it has received consistently adverse public reaction for a period of five or more years;  deaccessioning has been requested by the agency that displays the work;  it is not representative of the best work by that artist;  it is duplilcative, or excess, in a… Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Public Art Process Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
Parties in commissioning public art “The three major parties in public art commissions are artists, who desire artistic freedom, recognition, and security for their work;  commissioning public agencies, which are responsible for the promotion of the long-term aesthetic welfare of society, but which also must be concerned with meeting political and procedural expectations regarding their… Susannah Gardner 03/06/07 0
My “Blogging Software is Revolutionary” Rant On Saturday I gave a presentation at Northern Voice (a Vancouver-based blogging conference) about blogging software and how it can and should be used for building Web sites are more than just a blog, or perhaps look nothing like a blog. The session was podcasted here, and I’ve pasted in… Susannah Gardner 02/27/07 15 09/23/08
A Personal Definition of Public Art Susannah Gardner 02/15/07 0
Designing the World’s Best Public Art Roots, Garrison Susannah Gardner 02/15/07 0
Vectorial Elevation, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, 1999 At the turn of the 21st centure, the doomsday scenarios that many anticipated—from Biblical Armageddon to Y2K computer malfunctions—failed to materialize. Mexican-born artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer satisfied an otherwise unquenced thirst for spectable by placing 18 robotic searchlights around Mexico City’s Z?calo, the world’s third largest urban square. In Vectorial Elevation… Susannah Gardner 02/15/07 0
Minds of Concern:: Breaking News In May 2202, the artist group Knowbotic Research (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler and Alexander Tuchacek), working with Peter Sandbichler, presented Minds of Concern:: Breaking News as part of a group exhibition titled “Open_Source_Art_Hack” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. Minds of Concern:: Breaking News consisted of… Susannah Gardner 02/15/07 0
Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, and Paul Kaiser Susannah Gardner 02/15/07 0 project The project consists of 10 Bluetooth-equipped umbrellas each with an accompanying Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that is running the networking software. When opened, the hardware on the umbrellas, communicate to the PDAs to initiate a network connection to a nearby umbrella. The umbrellas illuminate their states with bright LEDs. There… Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Spectropolis: NYCwireless, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and The Alliance for Downtown New York Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Strategies for Preserving New Media Art “Because of its often immaterial nature and its reliance on software and equipment that rapidly becomes obsolete and unavailable, New Media art is particularly difficult to preserve. Just as most of Eva Hesse’s latex sculptures from the 1960s and ‘70s have deteriorated, many works of New Media art will soon… Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Vectorial Elevation Project This website includes a program with a virtual model of downtown Dublin where you can direct the searchlights and view the resulting matrix of light from any angle. Currently this program is operative but since the lights are no longer in the city it will simply search the archive for… Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Vectorial Elevation Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Internet as Public Space Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Internet Art and Globalization “This shift was part of a much larger historical trend: the globalization of cultures and economies. Globalization was both a cause and an effect of the widespread use of the Internet, wireless telephones and other information and communication technologies. The emregence of a “global village” of the sort that Marshall… Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Internet art technologies “Other technologies that play a significant role in New Media art include video and computer games, surveillance cameras, wireless phones, hand-hald computers and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. But New Media art is not defined by the technologies discussed here; on the contrary, by deploying these technologies for critical or… Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
New Media Art Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena Susannah Gardner 02/08/07 0
Defining Internet Art Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Warchalking “The word is formed by analogy to wardriving, the practice of driving around an area in a car, to detect open Wi-Fi nodes. That term in turn is based on wardialing, the practice of dialing many phone numbers hoping to find a modem. See also demon dialing. Having found a… Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Wikimedia Foundation Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Technical Issues Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0 “ consists of a program that calculates the collective lung capacity of children in London who have been, in the artist’s words, ‘beaten, enslaved, fucked, and exploited to death’ since 1972 (at the time of Britain’s Industrial Revolution). The vital statistic is used to time a scream—the collective scream of… Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Context Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Stats about Internet Use Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Internet World Stats: Miniwatts Marketing Group Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Technology manifests social relationships Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Database Politics and Social Simulations Jeremijenko, Natalie Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Why is it worth doing public art on the Internet? Not all artists choose to work on the Internet; not all artists choose to work in paint. This fact does not invalidate either medium, nor make either less or more valid a choice. Why is it worth doing public art on the Internet? Why is worth doing any art? Susannah Gardner 02/06/07 0
Internet Art Plagiarism: Lialina Susannah Gardner 02/01/07 0
Internet Art Copyright Issues While Levine’s work articulated feminist positioning in official art-historical canons by using the proposition ‘after’ to denote a hierarchical relationship, Cosic’s clone seemed to denigrate the original by offering it a web address subservient to a Slovenian art lab and then the artist’ domain: Describing Documenta Done as a… Susannah Gardner 02/01/07 0
A Means of Mutation: Notes on I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker Fuller, Matthew Susannah Gardner 01/25/07 0
The Autonomy of the Object Susannah Gardner 01/25/07 0
Advantages to Internet Art “With little but a thematic presense and server space to host files, or even more minimally, with a web page programmed to link to other net art projects, one could build and host shows easily, assuming the role of curator and exhibition-space proprietor within a matter of hours. A key… Susannah Gardner 01/25/07 0
Why Galleries Weren’t Interested in Internet Art “Like media art, performance or moving-image work, internet art was difficult to sell: it was ephemeral and prone to technical obsolescence, it had unfamiliar display aesthetics, and projects were technically complex. For many galleries, their own identity was associated with a physical location and actual artworks, and internet-based work simply… Susannah Gardner 01/25/07 0
Public Art New Directions Redstone, Louis G. with Redstone, Ruth R. Susannah Gardner 01/23/07 0
Public Art, Public Controversy American Council for the Arts Susannah Gardner 01/23/07 0